Home Security Measures You Need to Take

Posted by Karol Dorsey // September 13, 2018

Home security is always an essential concern that homeowners, especially new ones, should note. In fact, housebreaking in the United States occurs every fifteen seconds. So, to prevent these occurrences, one should always be mindful and alert. Here are a few safeguards to ensure the security of your home. Know your neighbors and your local […]

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It’s Never Too Early to Prepare Your Home for the Winter

Posted by Karol Dorsey // September 5, 2018

The winter season is not far from now and it would tremendously help you when you know what to do before it starts and during it. This is the season where your regular outdoor tasks become non-existent, well, except for plowing snow. In this guide, we’ll help you zero into the most important tasks to […]

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Is Feng Shui Still Applicable to Today’s Interior Decorating?

Posted by Karol Dorsey // August 29, 2018

Feng Shui has been around since time immemorial. Many people applied this in many aspects of their lives, and home decorating is one of Feng Shui’s top applications. Given this Chinese practice’s current age, is it still a trend to this day’s home decorating? What is Feng Shui? The best definition that comes to mind […]

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A Short Home Maintenance List for This Coming Fall Season

Posted by Karol Dorsey // August 22, 2018

Summer season is at its peak and a few weeks later, the temperature will cool down to signal the start of the fall season. The summer season is the time you get to enjoy the merits of staying home for vacation, but when the next season comes in, you’ll need to do some cleaning and […]

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Cleaning Up Clutter-Magnet Spaces in Your Home

Posted by Karol Dorsey // August 15, 2018

When people don’t do a timely cleaning, some spaces in our houses will still attract more clutter than others. This is true for some places where you spend time the most. One way to solve this is by having a thorough decluttering at least once a week. Hotspots for Clutter in Your Home People spend […]

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Familiarize Yourself with These Types of Clutter

Posted by Karol Dorsey // August 1, 2018

Familiarize Yourself with These Types of Clutter Clutter is defined as something that you don’t really need and collects dust in your home. Clutter is identified in categories, and it’s your time to deeply know about them so that you’ll keep them at bay of increasing in the future. Types of Clutter “Junk,” as others […]

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Top Qualities a Landlord Should Look For in a Tenant

Posted by Karol Dorsey // May 22, 2018

Now that you are a full-fledged property owner, you may consider making it into a rental property to get your rate of return from it. Thus, you turn yourself to a landlord and a businessman. As such, to protect your interests, you will need to create a shortlist of qualities of a tenant you can […]

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How to Become a Model Landlord: Overview

Posted by Karol Dorsey // May 16, 2018

Model landlord Photo by Bethany Legg on Unsplash

When you decide that you will make the most out of your real estate investment, the best way to do is to be a cool landlord. You don’t have to pay extra fees towards a property manager because you will do the managing by yourself. Here, we give an overview as to how to become […]

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Apartment Hunting 101: When to Walk Away Before You Regret It

Posted by Karol Dorsey // May 9, 2018

When looking for a place to rent, we like things to go our way. But if there’s a slim chance of the amenities not going our way, we like it to be as minimum as possible to compromise. Thus, the next step after you spotted a potential place is to find its faults. The lesser […]

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Ways to an Eco-Friendly Apartment Living

Posted by Karol Dorsey // May 2, 2018

By learning to live by yourself, you further learn what it means to save every single cent and direct your money to their appropriate spending. Renters like you then realize and do every single way towards being sustainable. Here in this article, we help you discover other eco-friendly tips for a more comfortable and practical […]

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