How To Stay Frugal When Buying a House

Posted by Jasmine // December 12, 2018

In purchasing a home, budgeting is more important than ever. We know it’s easier said than done because a house is likely to be the most expensive buy you’ll ever make. It’s exciting and you might even dream of wanting a huge bedroom, a wide landscape with a gazebo, and even a walk-in closet. However, […]

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The Importance of Pre-Approved Mortgage in Home Buying

Posted by Jasmine // November 28, 2018

In layman’s terms, pre-approval is a document issued by the mortgage lender entailing how much money they are willing to lend. Getting your mortgage pre-approved is a vital process in home buying. Why the Need to Get Your Mortgage Pre-Approved? Before you scout for houses you would buy, knowing how much you can afford is […]

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Perks of Buying a House in Winter

Posted by Jasmine // November 21, 2018

There’s a common notion that the houses on sale during winter are scraps from previous seasons due to being overpriced or some other reasons. But this might be your perfect chance in saving most of your thousands as the winter season (December to February) offers the lowest prices than any other time of the year. […]

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Buying a House or Property in Fall

Posted by Jasmine // November 14, 2018

Now that you have saved enough for your down payment and/or secured a mortgage pre-approval, the next thing that you do is to browse real estate market to look for low prices. As discussed in the previous article, the autumn and winter seasons are the best times where prices are at their lowest. But what […]

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Best Times to Buy a House or Property: An Introduction

Posted by Jasmine // November 8, 2018

The real estate is an industry that has no chances of crashing in the near future. People almost always sell or buy property which in turn give myriad choices as per the definition of a perfect competition market. Many aspiring homeowners ask this same question repeatedly: “When’s the best time to buy a house or […]

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Should You Hire a Mortgage Broker?

Posted by Jasmine // October 31, 2018

When reading about getting mortgage loans, surely you have encountered the mortgage brokers in one of your searches. How do they differ from mortgage lenders in banks and mortgage companies? This article will answer your questions as well as advising you whether you should get one. What are Mortgage Brokers? A mortgage broker is simply […]

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How to Choose a Mortgage Lender

Posted by Karol Dorsey // October 24, 2018

When you only have enough money for the house down payment, the best course to consider is getting a mortgage loan. Loans are usually taken out from banks. But when the interest rates offered are not favorable, people turn to direct lenders. How does one choose a mortgage lender? In this article, we’ll guide in […]

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Making the Big Move from Renter to First-Time Homeowner

Posted by Karol Dorsey // October 19, 2018

After a long time of pondering, you now have decided that you will no longer rent. You liked the city you’re in and you now wish to own a house somewhere. Is transitioning from a renter to homeowner really hard? Through this article, you will know if you’re ready and the steps to take to […]

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Circumstances that Arise When You Can No Longer Pay Mortgage

Posted by Karol Dorsey // September 26, 2018

When buying a real estate property, most people don’t directly pay in cash and instead secure a mortgage loan from the bank or other creditors. But when the unthinkable happened like when you lost your job, you need to cut back on certain expenses. What happens when you can no longer afford the monthly amortization? […]

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Home Security Measures You Need to Take

Posted by Karol Dorsey // September 13, 2018

Home security is always an essential concern that homeowners, especially new ones, should note. In fact, housebreaking in the United States occurs every fifteen seconds. So, to prevent these occurrences, one should always be mindful and alert. Here are a few safeguards to ensure the security of your home. Know your neighbors and your local […]

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