Top Qualities a Landlord Should Look For in a Tenant

Posted by Karol Dorsey // May 22, 2018

Now that you are a full-fledged property owner, you may consider making it into a rental property to get your rate of return from it. Thus, you turn yourself to a landlord and a businessman. As such, to protect your interests, you will need to create a shortlist of qualities of a tenant you can […]

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How to Become a Model Landlord: Overview

Posted by Karol Dorsey // May 16, 2018

Model landlord Photo by Bethany Legg on Unsplash

When you decide that you will make the most out of your real estate investment, the best way to do is to be a cool landlord. You don’t have to pay extra fees towards a property manager because you will do the managing by yourself. Here, we give an overview as to how to become […]

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Apartment Hunting 101: When to Walk Away Before You Regret It

Posted by Karol Dorsey // May 9, 2018

When looking for a place to rent, we like things to go our way. But if there’s a slim chance of the amenities not going our way, we like it to be as minimum as possible to compromise. Thus, the next step after you spotted a potential place is to find its faults. The lesser […]

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Ways to an Eco-Friendly Apartment Living

Posted by Karol Dorsey // May 2, 2018

By learning to live by yourself, you further learn what it means to save every single cent and direct your money to their appropriate spending. Renters like you then realize and do every single way towards being sustainable. Here in this article, we help you discover other eco-friendly tips for a more comfortable and practical […]

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How to Find Real Investment Deals

Posted by Karol Dorsey // April 25, 2018

The real estate market is ever changing and what you were aware of a few years ago may be different from the now. In today’s market, even as newbies, one can delve into real estate investment as long as you know where to poke in and find properties with a good price plus good potential. […]

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Finding Your First Apartment

Posted by Karol Dorsey // April 18, 2018

Adulting, as others term it, is different from the life you have been accustomed while you started schooling up until you recently graduated. One of the checklists when becoming an adult is moving out of your parent’s home in search of greener pastures as well as endeavoring to live independently. As it’s your first time […]

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Tips When Doing Your Very First Real Estate Investment

Posted by Karol Dorsey // April 4, 2018

Excitement is something that we can’t contain when we do things for the first time. It’s also the same as with real estate industry. But jumping on the trend without first researching it thoroughly could be disastrous! Here, we give you some tips being a first-time investor. Basic Tips When Entering the Real Estate Business […]

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Importance of Credit Scores in Securing a Mortgage

Posted by Karol Dorsey // March 21, 2018

Not all of us can afford a house or real estate property with just our savings. Thus, most rely on mortgage loans offered by banks. However, the amount they are willing to lend you depend on many factors. One of which is having a good credit score. In this article, we’ll help you improve your […]

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Real Estate Investing With Little to No Cash

Posted by Karol Dorsey // March 14, 2018

It’s not too late for you to invest in real estate. With numerous strategies that can help you in real estate business, it’s possible that you can enter the industry even if you lack the financial means for down payments and in buying and selling. Why are more and more people interested in real estate? […]

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Things to Do Before Buying a New House

Posted by Karol Dorsey // March 7, 2018

Every one of us has our own dream homes. We would always prefer houses with a touch of ourselves in it. But it’s not always that you can build a house out of scratch. In fact, the most common scenario is to buy a house and proceed to do the renovations later on. We’ll help […]

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