House Buying Tips for Newlyweds

House Buying Tips for Newlyweds

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Why is it especially important to weigh things before you cash in for that good-looking house? It will be where you will settle for a long period and build new memories as a family. A well-furnished house or perhaps a newly built home is one of the requirements for newly married couples in starting a new chapter of their lives.

Most newlyweds move into a new home after their honeymoon. Thus, in this article, we’ll give you some house buying tips where the both of you can share your likes and dislikes when purchasing a new home right before tying the knot.

Choose the right neighborhood.

As newlyweds, you should set in your mind that when it comes to buying a house, it should be situated in a neighborhood that is in good standing. Check with the real estate agents as to the property taxes and the safety and security of the area. Furthermore, consider a neighborhood that is near to your job and requires short commutes to places such as grocery, parks, etc.

Check the internet.

The Internet contains vast information and looking for a house listing should be no problem. Once you chose your neighborhood, you can scout for empty lots or for assuming houses. Most of the time, these house listings include pictures, measurements of the lot and the house area, nearby commercial sectors, and many house description. They may also contain contact information of a real estate agent or maybe the owner (if you’re lucky), and you can check a deal for sightseeing.

What kind of home?

As newlyweds, surely you already have plans as to how many children you will take care. Thus, the next house buying tip is to determine the size of that new house. This starts with how many bedrooms, how large is the floor area, how many floors, etc. Other considerations such as pool areas and large backyard are also included in the brainstorming.

Choose a real estate agent.

We have already discussed the benefits of hiring a real estate agent on our previous article and how they can genuinely help you in finding a new home at a reasonable cost. They have lots of experiences when it comes to networking, and what’s more, maybe you can meet up with contractors that may handle the refurbishing of the new house to suit your style!

Loan or pay right away?

As newlyweds, most people like you have two options: whether to pay the house right away or pay it in installments by getting a mortgage loan from the bank. Both choices have their pros and cons, but the aim here is to determine your financial security.

Mortgage loans work by the bank analyzing your credit history and income. Through these values, they can calculate how much money they should lend you. Thus, even before you marry, it’s important to establish a good credit reputation.


Through the buying tips above, you now have an idea as to what to do first when buying a new house. Remember that the both of you should incorporate your ideas as the house will be your first conjugal property. It’s best that both parties agree with the decision before you move into your new home as newly married couples so there will be no regrets.

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