Summer Must-Haves For Your Home

Summer Must-Haves For Your Home

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Let’s face it. The summer heat is becoming more and more unbearable as each year passes. Every year, we look for new ways to make the summer heat a little bit more bearable.

The good news is that there are more ways you can make the summer more worthwhile aside from just blasting up the AC on. Here are some of our suggestions.

For Apartments

Living in an apartment has some certain restrictions as what you can do to upgrade your home. Thankfully, we have just the right stuff.

Add more potted plants to your mini garden

The best thing about a mini garden is that you can just have it inside your apartment. Just put it in front of a window where the sun shines, and your plants will thrive. Mini potted plants help freshen the air inside your apartment and give it a cooler vibe. Make sure to water the plants daily to help them grow.

Invest in cotton sheets

Silk and satin may be soft and luxurious, but you can store those away for the wintertime. This summer, it is time to invest in cotton. That means cotton sheets, cotton pillow covers – you get the idea.

Lightweight cotton helps promote ventilation and airflow in your bedroom. It’s more breathable for a more comfortable sleep.

An Ice Pack

Still feeling hot? Use ice packs. Ice packs are often used for bruises and medical purposes, but who cares? You can use it as a cooler when the heat becomes unbearable. We recommend bringing it to bed with you, too. It’ll help you sleep better through the heat

For your home

For those of you who doesn’t live in an apartment building, there are more ways to relieve the summer heat.

Invest in an inflatable pool

An inflatable pool is not that expensive, and you can use it any time of the day. Pro tip: add some ice in the pool water. You can thank us later 😉

Get a hammock

If your bed feels too warm to sleep in, get a hammock. Hammocks increases airflow as it suspends on both sides, it makes for nice, cool nap or sleep.

Camp at home

Bring out your camping gear and set up camp in your backyard. There’s more air, and you can sleep al fresco. It’s also a fun activity to try with your kids.

Invest in an air humidifier

Air humidifiers are big right now, and for good reason. These things do not only freshen up your air and make it clean, it also helps you breathe, relax and nod off if needed.

That’s it for this list! Do you have more suggestions? Comment below!

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